One Night in Fairmont Hotel Makkah

Knowing for the tallest building in Makkah-- Makkah Clock Royal Tower that is standing tall as the nearest location to Haram, this way make you feel nothing but comfortableness when you spend your night in one of the most wanted hotel in Makkah. More with about 76 floors that build this Fairmont Hotel Makkah leads this one becomes the rising star of Abraj Al Bait Complex. Spending your time inside Fairmont Hotel Makkah means you allow yourself to enjoy one from both 1542 guest rooms alongside and suites. Furthermore, for the accessibility, this hotel caters its guests with fifty six elevators.

Fairmont Hotel Makkah
Fairmont Hotel Makkah

Surprisingly, the elevators that are available inside this Makkah hotel offer its guests a superb comfortableness when it comes to the accessibility to go back and forth to Al Masjid Al Haram. Therefore, book a room from Makkah hotel to experience the easiness of access when it comes to Umrah or Hajj is something to consider. Herein, you may also can experience certain special events or some intimate gatherings. However, step inside to the room, then you will be welcomed with spacious and luxurious feel . More, for any guest room, there is Wi-Fi feature for non-stop internet access.

Fairmont Makkah
Fairmont Makkah: Signature Guestroom with Kaaba view - Image Of Fairmont

Still about inside the room of this five star hotel near Masjidil Haram, there are LCD TV, a bathroom with bath tub and the view to the El Haram and its city. However, you need to know that this adorable hotel near Masjidil Haram will deliver you the merit of the hospitality of Arabian Culture together with comfortableness and luxury. Nevertheless, for culinary lovers, there are about nine restaurants you can visit. Addition, there is something like room service menu for 24 hours hence, when you think you have no time or just a bit lazy to go outside to eat, then you can take benefit of this room service menu.

Fairmont Makkah Suite Room
Fairmont Makkah: Suite- Image Of Fairmont

Since, this hotel declares itself as the closest hotel to Kabah, means when you want to go the Grand Mosque, then you need only to spend about two minutes to walk. Then, when you want to visit to Cave Hira, the distance is only about six km. See, how close this hotel to those spiritual places? However, in the time you not spend your time near Kabah to pray, take your time to purchase some goodies for family or close friend can be a good idea since in this hotel complex that is connected to Abraj Al Bait Complex, you will find about four thousand shops and stores.

Abraj Al Bait
One Shop At Abraj Al Bait Complex - Image Of Nazura Gulfira

To spend only one night inside the hotel is started at $208. So then, if you have plan to visit the holy city to experience the easy access from both your hotel and Grand Mosque, then considering this hotel as priority when you in the way of doing Hajj or Umrah is a good thing. The convenient thing that you receive from this hotel somehow can level up your spirit to accomplish your Hajj or Umrah. Therefore, it is better if you book now.