Haneen Al Firdaus Mecca Cheap Hotel

Assembly of hajj or umrah usually will consider in choosing hotel for them. Most of them tend to choose the cheap one and which is near to Masjidil Haram. There are several hotels which offer the cheap price. But then, people have to be careful in choosing the hotel. They have to think not only about the price but also the security of the hotel and the distance from Ka’bah. Haneen Al Firdaus is one of the cheap hotel makkah.

Except being cheap, this hotel is also best in delivering service for the visitors of the assembly of umrah and hajj. This Mecca hotel is three star hotels. The facility of the hotel is no different with other three star hotels in common. It set aside 221 rooms in total. Every room has air conditioning as a facility. The television also offers a cable TV access. Furthermore, the big restaurant and buffet breakfast also is available in this hotel. Then, it has café and a water pool to relax the visitors. Moreover the security of the hotel must be secure.

cheap hotel makkah
Haneen Al Firdaus

Even though this hotel is one of the cheap hotels in Mecca, it is known as one of the best hotels in Mecca. The location of this hotel is really strategist. It is near with several important places which usually become an objective tour of visitors. It is near with Abraj Al Bait tower, theam gate of king Fahad, Masjidil Haram, zam-zam well and even the Ka’bah.

Those destination tour, umrah and Hajj really give countenance to this hotel. It gives profit itself to promote the hotel. In addition, the area around this hotel often becomes lodgings for umrah or hajj assembly especially the hotel itself. There are many hotels in makkah, but it included hotel that is often visited by Indonesian people. That is why no wonder if most of the chef is Indonesian people so they can serve Indonesian foods correctly for the visitors.

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Haneen Al Firdaus Receptionist

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Haneen Al Firdaus Lobby

The hotel which is located in Ibrahim Al Khaleel street, is a good hotel with all the facilities. Except the cheap one, it is more than enough to make the visitors enjoy their journey with the best resting place. Even though it is not 5 star hotels, it can be represented of the hotel in Mecca. May be the more expensive hotel can give better facilities than this one. But then, this hotel offers the best service.

This hotel becomes one of the cheap hotels makkah because it really offers the cheap price. The price of the hotel is for about 150 to 200 USD per night. It can be changed depends on the weather. Other than that, the price is also influenced of consider of choosing whether single, double, triple of quad. But then, the price is more expensive than other cheap hotel. It is because the rooms have been booked by the third side.

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Haneen Al Firdaus Triple Room

Haneen Al Firdaus does not become one of the best hotels in Mecca for no reason. This hotel is equipped with the facilities to comfort the visitors. Furthermore, this hotel offers free wifi in public area of this hotel. Then, the lobby of this hotel also is very large. Be sides, it is near with important place, the distance of this hotel with Masjidil Haram is only 160 meters.

This distance is quite close to make the visitor moreover the assembly of umrah and hajj easier to get there. But then, even though this hotel has many features, it is also has fall short of thing. Its lift is so small. When in a busy day, the visitors will have to stand in line for a long time to wait for the lift.