Raffles Makkah Palace And Feel The Beauty Of The Arab

Raffles Makkah Palace can be great choice for you with its complete facilities and also great staff in your holy journey. When you are looking for the best hotels in mecca in order to have the special place to stay in your holy journey, you may choose the Raffles Makkah Palace as your favorite. Yup, it is kind of the great place to stay that will serve you with its best service. Here, I want to share about my experience when staying there. I hope this writing will be useful for you and it can give you such as references.

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Raffles Makkah Palace: View of Kabah From Suite

Before choosing the kinds of the hotel, I consider the location of the hotel from the Mecca. Yup, I think it is important because the location of the hotel will help me in the mobilization of the holy journey. When I see this Raffles Makkah Palace, I realize that this hotel is kind of the 5 star hotel in makkah near haram that will be great as the choices. I ask the receptionist and he gives me an unbelievable answer that makes me have no choice for do not choose this hotel.

Yup, the receptionist says that the hotel is very near from the Mecca. We know that we should go to the several places in our holy journey. In this case, the receptionist says that to go to the Al Masjid Al Haram Mosque, we just need to walk around 5 minutes. Besides, to go to the Kaaba, we just need to walk around 6 minutes. I just amaze and say how near it is. It will be great for us to manage our stamina with the extreme weather in Arab. However, when you want to use the transportation, the hotel provides the private transportation such as the taxi, and also the public transportation as the bus.

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Raffles Makkah Palace: Bathroom

Talking about the facilities of this Raffles Makkah Palace, you will find something great there. Yup, you will find a special service here in 5 star hotels in mecca. The standard facilities such as the LCD TV, the AC, and also the comfortable toilet will welcome you in your private room. Besides, the complete public room, such as the longue, the coffee shop, and also the restaurant will pleasant you to gather with your family there.

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Raffles Makkah Palace

Something that I cannot forget in this hotel is the staff. Yup, I think the staff here is the best staff I ever seen in the hotel. When I have problem with the facilities of the hotel, the staff quickly gives their hand to help me. Besides, the great service, especially in the breakfast also will pleasant you. Really, I like the menu of the hotel. The menu is made appropriate with our needed, especially in stamina.

5 star hotel in makkah near haram
Raffles Makkah Palace Restaurant

Since the holy journey becomes the destination of customers, the management of the hotels in mekkah provides the private place to pray. It is kind of the great facilities for the private activities. In other hand, when you want to buy something as the gift to your family at home, you can go to the department store there. You will find various things there and you can choose it as you want. You also will be pleasant with the several discounts from the stores.

When you want to stay in the Raffles Makkah Palace, you just need to pay around $204 per night. It is the appropriate price when we look about the facilities inside and outside the hotel. However, the price per night is maybe different depend of the class or the kinds of the rooms in hotel in mecca. For the further information about the availability and also booking, it will be great if you call the receptionist directly.