Enjoying The Beautiful Of Mina In Rawasi Al Barakah

Rawasi Al Barakah is kind of a great hotel in Mecca. This 4 stars hotel will pleasant you with its best service and quality. When you are visiting the Saudi Arabia for the holy journey, it will be great for you to use your time to stay in the Rawasi Al Barakah.

Yup, it is the kind of the best hotels in mecca that will be a certain place for you when you are waiting for the agendas of your holy journey. Knowing as the kinds of best place to stay, this hotel will give you a best service that will pleasant you. Here, we will talk about the hotel as my experience.

As the one of the 4 star hotel in makkah near haram, the Rawasi Al Barakah is kinds of a great choice for you to stay. Here, the management of the hotel provides 169 rooms with the different classes for you. The hotel will pleasant you with the 600,000 properties there. I think it will be great because with the kinds of the properties, you will be able to choose the kinds of the properties as you want. Maybe, when you are a coffee drinker, choosing the coffee table in your room will be great choice.

In other hand, as the foreign, I feel glad in the first time I stay in the Rawasi Al Barakah. Yup, it is reasonable because the management of the hotel provides the translator that will be available in 13 different languages. It will be useful especially for you who cannot use the Arabic language. With the translator, you will feel like at home when you are staying in this hotel. Really, I feel enjoy there because you know that the communication is kind of an important things of life.

As I say before, this hotel is kind of the 4 star hotels in mecca. In this case, you also will be glad with its location. Since the holy journey becomes the most important destiny there, you will be able to reach some destination from here easily. As we know, there are some places that are important to be visited. When you are staying there, you can reach the Kaaba Sacred House in 4.1 km distance. Besides, you also can reach the Al Masjid Al Haram Mosque in the same distance.

Enjoying The Beautiful Of Mina In Rawasi Al Barakah

In order to make you simple when you want to go there, the management of this hotel provides some kinds of the private vehicle, such as taxi. However, you also can use the mass transportation with the lower price. With the good street and also the order town organized, the transportation will be running well without any problem. It will make you have an efficient time in the journey.

After talking about something around the hotels in mekkah, let’s move to talk about the interior of the hotel. As I have said above that this hotel has various properties, you also may feel the best facilities in your room. In this hotel, you will have a great room with the AC for the cool air, the LCD TV for the entertainment, the bathroom with the bath tub, and others. The kinds of the properties will pleasant you there.

Rawasi Al Barakah

Moreover, you also connect with your friends with the free Wi-Fi here. The unstop internet in the hotel in mecca will color your day. To spend only one night in this Rawasi Al Barakah hotel, you need to pay around $150. However, the price depends on the kinds of your room you may book. Besides, it is also important for you to book it in the some days before to check the availability. It will be better for you to call the receptionist for the further information and the booking.