Misconceptions Of Umrah: Needing To Be Cheap And Ugly

I WOn't possess a poor Umrah once I might have an amazing Umrah in a good hotel!

There's this misconception that performing Umrah should be as uncomfortable as you can and as cheap for it to become good.

Misconception Of Umrah

This isn't the very first time I hear the notion that “Oh, we're choosing Umrah do we need to really have a fivestar hotel, a fundamental clear property is all you need. This can be a paraphrase of the thousand (ok maybe thousands) of times I have noticed this when it comes to Umrah or Hajj.

Our recent article to the investment opportunities in Makkah brought the subject back again. There's a large demand for four and five-star qualities in the area you see. It reminded me I wanted to write articles on this for some time now.

Well similar to a rant…

What exactly is that opinion that for your Umrah to become accepted or for you really to feel much better about yourself stay and you need to get in a poor-ish residence, far away and that? Where did this idea of standard found lifestyle in Islam? In order to express piety, the theory to be inadequate or challenge etc….

Since after I transformed into Islam I'd the same thought I continue reading the topic a little. I can’t be rich, I can have great things since then I'm not pious. This concept is mainly symbol in other religious than Islam. – I by no means desire to go to a debate about that please don’t.

However Islam doesn’t say something like this and this idea is shouldn’ted belong to by us either. A sizable amount of the website covers how to perform Umrah within the luxury houses across the Masjid Al Haram. Why? Since it makes Umrah more fun, since God doesn’t wish us to battle at all!

Islam is despite just what a tiny community wants us to think a religion of peace mercy and love. We as Muslims know better!

There is nothing wrong with all the demand for five or four -star properties in Makkah. We ought to be enthusiastic they are increasing the typical of the accommodations for our benefit.

Here's why I really like my hotels close to the Kabah:

Makes Umrah fun

  1. Become 5 minute before prayer in the mosque and there is nothing better than the capability to walk-out of your hotel room.
  2. There's nothing much better than the chance to relax after the many tawafs. It's what many people walk in a single week combined only in their entire year.
  3. Worrying me out and there's nothing better than the opportunity to become far from pressure of huge numbers of people filling the roads. ONCE THE only thing I am designed to be doing is devoting myself to worship. Living in bad hotel, with noise, dirty areas, 30min away simply increase this panic and anxiety.
  4. There's nothing more straightforward to maintain a typical. If you are used to be on vacations in great hotels why would you modify this if you are going for the MOST important trip of life or the year?
  5. There is nothing much better than being able to hear the athan and hope also in your space yet feeling you're in the courtyard.
  6. There is nothing terrible with the above concepts, they don’t show piety for me they demonstrate self destruction particularly when you are able the properties closer. 
  7. There's no load upon a Muslim on so many levels, from shortening prayers, not hoping so much more and when tired.

Islam teaches us to want more, to become good to ourselves yet others, to achieve success, to be rich. The additional money we have the more charity we pay… also just by this concept I want to be rich!

Once the faith doesn’t why do we put limits to ourselves. Sleeping in properties far isn't bad-but once you take action merely as you feel your “Umrah is this way” you then must have a look at your actions. They matter over the property where you sleep.

I see the need for new hotels in Makkah definitely. Many Muslims around the world possess the willingness, the opportunity as well as the disposable income to cover. So they should have the options. As opposed to trying to make a point for just a clear standard place we all enhance the standard for your betterment of.

Plus if you read this blog often you will know there away sooo many inexpensive methods to perform Umrah without breaking the bank -in the nice hotels.

I know for most people several of the attributes never as magnificent may be the only thing they could manage or away and this is OK. I have nothing against it and I totally understand it. My hope is so everyone wins that the newest developments brings more competition and lower costs. The article is mostly for people who are able the homes but decided not to from piety.

p.s. That is my opinion I'm very happy to post yours however please be respectful. I want to point out that I would not agree with the expensive prices for many of these properties especially during Ramadan, however this is for another article.